Sit Safe ( Toilet Seat Sanitizer)

Now use public loos without any fear

This is a herbal spray which kills the germs present on seating area of toilet seats, sanitizes them and makes them completely safe for you to sit on them and use.

We all sometimes postpone relieving ourselves in public toilets because of their unhygienic condition, which not only leaves us in an uncomfortable state but also compromises with our health. There are thousands of germs on a ......


.....toilet seat especially those of public loos. These germs can cause various diseases like urinary tract infections staphylococcus, norovirus or even Ebola at times. Use of Sit Safe saves us from these germs & prevents us from contracting these diseases. Sit Safe consists of unique herbal formulations which kills 99.99% germs within seconds. After a spray on the seating area of toilet seat, it makes the toilet seat completely safe for us to sit and use.

Sit Safe also has a pleasing fragrance which removes bad odour from the toilet seat area. Its herbal formulation free of any harmful chemicals or alcohol, etc makes sure that its use has no side effects, allergic effects or any long term health issues. The formulation has also been approved by the Dept. of Ayush.

      Can also be used daily on home Toilet Seats or on door handles, flush knobs, etc.





●     Removes 99.99% germs within seconds from toilet seat seating area & protects from infections.           

●     No harmful chemicals, no alcohol, completely natural & safe for everyone including children.

●     Protects from toilet borne diseases like urinary tract infections.

●     Removes bad odour from Toilet Seat.

●     Very useful while travelling,

●     Very Useful in Offices/Malls/Restaurants/Bus Terminals/Trains/Schools/Colleges etc.

●     Easy to carry.

●     500 sprays per bottle.

  How to Use

Spray from a distance of 7-8 inches onto toilet seat, wait for few seconds and use toilet seat without any fear of infections. 

  Product Quality

Sit Safe is made up of herbal formulation in which no harmful chemicals have been used. It is herbal, natural & safe. It does not even contain alcohol. The formulation has been approved by Dept of Ayush, Haryana (A Govt. of India Enterprise). Besides, it also has ISO 9001:2008 certification. Samples from each and every batch are tested in Government accredited labs to make sure that the quality standards are maintained and no substandard product reaches you.

Sit Safe is widely being exported to many Asian countries.  In these countries, it has not only passed all the required tests necessitated by their respective governments, but has also been widely accepted by the people of these countries.


●     Herbal/Natural/Chemical free/Alcohol free

●     Approved by Dept. of Ayush

●     ISO 9001:2008 certified.

●     Regularly tested in Govt accredited labs.

●     Widely being exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Maldives & more..


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