Mosquito Repellent Spray

Herbal Spray which gives protection from mosquitoes.

This is a Herbal spray which can be sprayed directly on body (even on children), clothes and in the rooms while being present in the room, to stay protected from mosquitoes. Use it indoors/outdoors. Very useful while going out.

Mosquitoes pose problems for all of us in our daily lives. Their bites not only cause itching but also sometimes carry viruses that cause deadly diseases like .........


.....Dengue, Malaria and chikungunya. There are many options available for protection against mosquitoes but most of them can be used only indoors. Aringel mosquito Spray protects you effectively from mosquitoes indoors as well as outdoors without any harmful effects..

Spraying it on the clothes, creates a virtual shield around the user which protects one from mosquitoes. It can be sprayed directly on uncovered skin including that of children without fear of any side effects. After it’s use you can go out  or be at home without bothering about mosquitoes. If indoors, you can spray it in the room or in entire house and protect everyone in the home from mosquitoes. It is very useful while going out like at the time of  being on work, travelling, walking, shopping, jogging,etc.

It approximately remains effective up to 8 hours. If the protection is to be continued it needs to be sprayed again. The spray has a smooth fragrance. It ensures protection from mosquitoes without any pungent smell.

Why is Aringel mosquito Spray different from other commonly available mosquito Sprays?

This is a herbal spray  free of chemicals, DEET,  pesticides and Insecticides with citronella oil as key ingredient. Unlike other sprays, it can be sprayed directly on skin without fear of any health hazards, Inhaling it does not pose any health problems. It can be carried along while travelling and can be used outdoors as well as indoors.  


●      Repels mosquitoes effectively

●      Can be used indoors/outdoors.

●      Can be sprayed directly on uncovered skin. No side effects.

●      Safe for use on children. Can also be used on infants.

●      Can also be sprayed in closed rooms.

●      Smooth fragrance.

●      Very useful while in office, traveling, walking, shopping, etc.

●      Useful for children going out.

●      Herbal/Natural/Safe, Chemical free/DEET free.

●      Effective upto 8 hrs.

  How to Use

Spray directly on clothes or on uncovered skin OR Spray towards ceiling, corners & bed side. For best results : After spray close the room for 10 minutes, open the room & turn ON the fan.

  Product Quality

Aringel mosquito spray is made up of herbal formulation in which no harmful chemicals have been used. The formulation of Aringel Mosquito Spray has been approved by Dept of Ayush, Haryana (A Govt. of India Enterprise). Besides, it is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Samples from each and every batch are tested in Government accredited labs to make sure that the quality standards are maintained and no substandard product reaches you.

Aringel Mosquito Spray is  widely being exported to many Asian countries.  In these countries, it has not only passed all the required tests necessitated by their respective governments, but has also been widely accepted by the people of these countries.


 ●     Herbal/Natural/Chemical free.

●      Approved by Dept. of Ayush.

●      ISO 9001:2008 certified..

●      Regularly tested in Govt accredited labs.

●      Widely being exported.

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