Rs 180-800 

Mosquito Repellent Patch

Small Stickers which give protection from mosquitoes indoors as well as outdoors.

These are  small stickers that can be stuck anywhere on the clothes. (Can be stuck behind collars, skirts, shorts, etc.). They create a shield around the user & do not let mosquitoes bite. Very useful for outdoor activities, especially for children.

Mosquitoes pose problems for all of us in our daily lives. Their bites not only cause itching but also sometimes carry viruses that .....


.....cause deadly diseases like Dengue, Malaria and chikungunya. There are many options available for protection against mosquitoes in markets but most of them are useful only indoors. Mosquito Repellent Patch protects you effectively from mosquitoes indoors as well as outdoors. They can simply be stuck anywhere on the clothes by sticking the adhesive side of the patch to the clothes. They do not kill mosquitoes but create a shield around the user and do not let mosquitoes bite. After sticking it, you can go out or be at home without bothering about mosquitoes.They are very useful while going to office, travelling, walking, jogging, shopping, etc.

One patch is effective up to twelve hours. Aringel patches come in two varieties viz plain patches and patches with cartoon characters on them.

Aringel Patches are free of harmful chemicals, insecticides, pesticides & DEET. They are herbal, natural and safe. A direct contact with skin is not required yet even in case of direct contact with skin they do not pose any kind of harm.

                                      Very useful for children going to school or playing outside.


●     Repel mosquitoes effectively.

●     Simply stick on clothes, leaves no glue marks.

●     No need of direct contact with skin.

●     Can be used indoors/outdoors.

●     Very useful for children in schools,playing outside,etc.

●     Useful while in office, traveling, walking, shopping, etc.

●     Can also be used for newly born babies.

●     Herbal/Natural/Safe, Chemical free/DEET free

●     Effective upto 12 hours.

●     1 patch covers an area of 2 ft. (For height more than 2ft use more patches accordingly).

●     Comes in 2 varieties : 1st Generation - Plain patch & 2nd Generation - Cartoon character on patch.                           

●     Available in different pack sizes : 12, 20 & 50.

  How to Use

Peel of the patch.

Stick the adhesive side of the patch to your clothes or a location close to your body such as stocking, shoulder areas, inside of trousers, skirts OR at the edge of a table or bed where you are sitting.

One patch covers approximately an area of two feet.  For height more than two feet, it is recommended that more patches be used at an adequate distance (like one on shirt & other on trouser) proportionately.

Children using patches

  Product Quality

Aringel mosquito patches are made up of herbal formulation in which no harmful chemicals have been used. The formulation of Aringel Patches has been approved by Dept of Ayush, Haryana (A Govt. of India Enterprise). Besides, Aringel Patches are ISO 9001:2008 certified.Samples from each and every batch are tested in Government accredited labs to make sure that the quality standards are maintained and no substandard product reaches you.

Aringel Patches are widely being exported to many Asian countries.  In these countries, it has not only passed all the required tests necessitated by their respective governments, but has also been widely accepted by the people of these countries.


●     Herbal/Natural/Chemical free.

●     Approved by Dept. of Ayush.

●     ISO 9001:2008 certified..

●     Regularly tested in Govt accredited labs.

●     Widely being exported.

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