After Bite Spray

Herbal Spray for relief from mosquito bites, cuts, wounds & burns..

This is a herbal  spray with tea tree oil as its main component. Simply spraying it on the area where mosquito has bitten, or where there is a wound or burn, gives instant relief from itching, irritation and reduces infection.

Mosquito bites not only give us itching but also cause irritation in the area where  it has bitten. Mosquitoes sometimes leave hard, itchy bumps. In the ......


.....blood-feeding process, they inject saliva into their host which creates the reactions that cause bite symptoms which include swelling of the bite site, soreness, and bleeding. The bites can also cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Aringel after bite is made up of herbal formulation which cures hard, itchy bumps, itching, irritation,swelling, soreness and bleeding caused due to mosquito bites. Besides,it also prevents allergic reactions that can sometimes be caused by the bites. It can also be used for relief from bites by less dangerous insects like fire ants, fleas and mites or sting from bees, wasps, and hornets.

Cuts, wounds and burns usually cause pain, itching, soreness and irritation which also can get infected if bacteria are allowed to build up on the area. The after bite spray ensures a relief from these symptoms and reduces infection.   


●     Herbal/Natural/Safe.

●     Use in case of mosquito bites, wounds, cuts, burns.

●     Use in case of bites by less dangerous insects like fire ants, fleas and mites or sting from bees, wasps, and           hornets.

●     Stops irritation & itching.

●     Reduces infection & soreness.

●     Prevents allergic reactions from insect bites.

●     Safe for entire family including children.

  How to Use

Shake well & Spray on the area affected by mosquito bites, cut, wound or burn.

  Product Quality

Aringel After Bite is made up of herbal formulation in which no harmful chemicals have been used. It is herbal, natural & safe. The formulation has been approved by Dept of Ayush, Haryana. Besides, it also has ISO 9001:2008 certification. Samples from each and every batch are tested in Government accredited labs to make sure that the quality standards are maintained and no substandard product reaches you.

Aringel After Bite is widely being exported to many Asian countries.  In these countries, it has not only passed all the required tests necessitated by their respective governments, but has also been widely accepted by the people of these countries.

●     Herbal/Natural/Chemical free/Alcohol free

●     Approved by Dept. of Ayush

●     ISO 9001:2008 certified.

●     Regularly tested in Govt accredited labs.

●     Widely being exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Maldives & more..


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